Sunday, December 19, 2010


you and i
we used to be very close
after class we used to hang out late at night
when i used to say how cute's your nose

but we can't be together then
not because of you
but that i knew
i wasn't good enough for you

so we went on separate ways
but my mind still cling on to you
and so i said to myself that
i'll come back looking for you

many years have passed
but i still remember your smile
and i've become a better person
while i was gone all this while

so i've been looking for you
but it's not that easy, because
your phone number was gone
when my phone was lost

friendster, myspace, you name it
but i just couldn't find you
then months ago i typed your name in facebook
the moment i saw it i knew it was you

to my surprise you still remember me
but we are always on the run
and are always occupied so we coudn't meet up
to catch up and have some fun

but today i saw you with someone else.
and i fall into pieces
my head's a mess, my mind's somewhere else
because somehow i've just lost my life's final piece

Friday, December 10, 2010

the interview.

the interview.
{this is an imaginary interview between me and the renowned magazine, rolling stone. As always, do share it with others and comment if you find it amusing, or mock and write a hate mail if you feel that it’s just as ugly as Marilyn Manson’s lips. enjoy :) }

Q: hi there Fuad.
A: hey stones.

Q: so what brings you here?
A: You called me here for this interview.

Q: right, right. so how's the result of your final exams?
A: like shit. i was 0.01 for a 1st class honors! but nevertheless i'm grateful and life must go on, alhamdulillah.

Q: good to hear that! so you are a graduate now, right? any plans for working?
A: actually i'm working now as an asst. company secretary somewhere in subang. i can't tell you the place because if i do it's like i'm telling you where i hid my condoms.

Q: hahahahha. so how it is like to finally, you know, practice law and stuff?
A: tiring, confusing, well, yea. for starters i don't have a senior to guide me properly so i just have to learn most stuffs myself.

Q: pays good?
A: pays my cendol & rojak that is.

Q: how long you gonna mock me?
A: as long as it takes for my coffee to come. when are you gonna get out of my head?

Q: when you're not so drowsy from taking coffee too much. anyway, what's your plan for this coming holiday?
A: mm..i'm not gonna do much. oh actually i'm gonna go support my friend who's gonna race on the 19th. and spending my time with my sister and my close friends, what i usually do for holidays. and maybe i'll go for rock the world concert.

Q: how about next year, what do you wanna do?
A: actually i'd like to tell this girl, my classmate, ex-classmate lar now, how i actually like her. and then i'm gonna start making my own assets, you know, the vespa, a house, stocks, a nikon, i'll see how it goes from here. and then i hope i can return to kuching to attend the kuching debate open.

Q: you're a debater? didn't know that!
A: i was, but most of the time i observe. i want to go to kdo to meet my old friends as well.

Q: speaking of the girl, do you miss her? what's her name?
A: hell yea. no i'm not gonna tell you!

Q: why vespa?
A: it's art. i don't ride bikes that are too common. it doesn't make the rider or the bike itself unique.

Q: what do you do now, aside from photography?
A: i write short stories. sometimes i get lots of ideas about it, sometimes i don't at all. so i have an average 12 a year. for me, it's an alternative for me to express my feelings, other than a camera.

Q: the stories you write, revolve on what exactly?
A: common things around us but most people would ignore or overlook, mostly about things we can't evade of, and mostly about things or issue that could touch your heart, you feel me?

Q: you're a bit sober now, i don't like it. have some frappuchino?
A: oh goody! (sip)

Q: what kinda music do you listen to?
A: well um..actually anything but dangdut, justin bieber and some other stuffs. i listen to the ones that didn't get into the malaysian airwaves. in my playlist now i have skyzoo, metric, melissa auf der maur, sparks the rescue, and some other bands.

Q: and why do you hate justin bieber so much?
A: he's fake. he's barely reach puberty i think he's clinically sterile, and he talks about love. god! and the hairdo...huhuhuhu that's kinda funny. must've taken a lot of hairspray. wait till he reaches puberty, he can get that hairdo with the most desolate winds of loneliness.

Q: ouch. hahahahaha. you're good. don't you think your sarcasms can hurt other people so bad, and some other people might feel hurt, even when you don't talk about them?
A: you know, people would still talk about you regardless of what you do, and then you know, why not let them in so that they know who you are personally rather than judging. so, i prefer to be straight rather than becoming the person others want me to be. that's not real.

Q: before we end this interview, what you gonna say?
A: i'd say...

{the interview ended at that, when the recorder went off because the memory card was full. }

Monday, December 6, 2010

in-convenience store

{it’s been more than a year since I write a short story, basically because I couldn’t find time to do so, and also because writing a poem is so much easier. Anyway, this is my 9th short story. do share it with others and comment if you find it amusing, or mock and write a hate mail if you feel that it’s just as bad as Simon Cowell’s hairdo. enjoy.}

"give me the cash! all of it!", yelled the robber, with his gun pointing directly at the cashier. he threw his bag over the counter, toppling the chocolate bars and the bananas. the bananas? yea, it was the you-know-which convenient store.
it was 10 before midnight, and no one was around.

a lady, presumably in her 30's, who was hiding behind the shelves nearby was shaking with fear. she silently ducked, with the hope that the robber didn't realize that she was there.

"oi, cepatlah! kau nak kena ke?" the robber yelled again towards the cashier guy, who's now obviously sweating all over.

the hiding lady put her hand into her handbag, searching in vain for her cellphone. she finally reached it, and in panic, the phone slipped through her fingers towards the floor. she quickly caught the accessory attached to the phone, but the phone still managed to knock on the floor.

the sound caused by the falling phone distracted the robber, in which he turned towards where the sound came from. the cashier, who realized that the robber might have overlooked the customer, tried to distract him. "hey man, please don't do this, my boss is gonna kill me", he pleaded.

the lady, who thought about calling the police, flipped the phone and was about to dial 999, when a text message came in and the phone rang Baby, Baby by Justin Bieber! the text message gave her away!

the robber, apparently shocked, turned towards the shelves she was hiding. she totally fucked this up. she thought the distance between them was far enough, and so she jumped on her feet and ran with all her might towards the door. the robber was faster, however, that he correctly predicted the direction of the marathon lady, and caught her by her neck!

"first of all, I HATE JUSTIN EFFING BIEBER!, he screamed. "and you think you can RUN??". he suddenly strangle the lady so hard that the lady shrieked as if she's the house elf that got kicked by Sirius. he at instant, placed his gun right at the lady's right temple. the lady was now in tears.

"masukkan duit tu dalam beg cepat, kalau tak minah keding ni mati!"
"okay, okay..", the cashier, still trembling, now slowly open the cash till, and fill the bag with all the cash from the till.

"bagus! now throw me the bag!" the robber shouted. he pointed the gun to the cashier again, while still holding the lady by the neck. the cashier slowly throw the bag to the robber, but it fell a bit far. the robber, in an attempt to take the bag, lost his grip on the lady, and the lady took full advantage by kicking the guy on his groin.

he, who was definitely in shock, screamed in pain, accidently pull the trigger, and it so happened that it hit the cashier directly on his left shoulder!

it was now a screaming contest, with the cashier on the way to win 50 grand if he's in the Wipeout Zone, thanks to the lady. the lady, mumbled "who's Justin Bieber now?"

she burst through the door, and fled.

the robber, partially recovered, got up as fast as he could, and ran for the lady. he pushed the door, and sped. "hey perempuan!"

he was halfway across the street, when out of nowhere a patrol car, at about 40 mph or God knew, came right at him! the impact made the robber flew about 30 feet forward.

the female patrol who was sitting at the passenger seat, was stiff as a goalpost, peering towards the robber, who was already lying face down because of the hit. the male patrol who was driving the car, slowly reached for the compartment and took the gun, and came out of the car.

he slowly walked towards the robber, while pointing his gun. it definitely must be his first time in this type of situation, because clearly he, in his early 20's, was a bit shaky, and didn't know what to do. at a safe distance he stopped, and with a clear voice he said, "hey you, stand up!"

the robber, amazingly not injured but a small scrape on his palm, stood up, with his hands up the air. the lady from the store was nowhere to be seen by this time.

the female patrol, slowly walked out of the car, nervously. while walking towards her partner, she saw a gun near the front tyre of the car, her side. she slowly took the gun, that was obviously belonged to the robber.

her partner, who was still facing the robber, now realized that she's already out of the car. he yelled to her, instructing that she must get back into the car.

she pointed the gun forward.

"whoa, whoa, what are you doin!?" the male patrol, shouted.


the body lay motionless on the tarmac.

"i'm sorry...", she said slowly, with clear indication of sincere sadness. her partner of over 4 years now, died.

"are you okay?", she said to the robber.
"yeaa..sort of. jom blah!"

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We are foolish creatures

we are foolish creatures,
wanting forbidden and untouchable desires,
and so we stretch our hands to,
something our hearts are longing to.
And God created Love.
And men are happy ever since,
but it created awful scenes,
like Helen who launched ten thousand ships to war,
beneath albatrosses that soar,
killed many men and torn Troy,
but for a young boy,
Love is beautiful,
so pure and wonderful,
when she looks you in the eyes and say,
sweet little nothings that will melt you, but hey.
It's not always a happy ending.
sometimes the heart needs a mending,
a broken heart.
a shattered heart.
well, for me it's a short affair,
and while it's something I care,
we let go off our hands,
it drops slowly like time made of sands.
i miss her smile,
for her i'd cross Nile.
when Love is lost you are in vain,
but insyaAllah if we are destined we'd be in Love again.
and for me God created perfect Love,
although it is not eternal a Love.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

6th & final semester, de beginning

the sky is dark and the moods are gloomy.
would the lecturers look down on me?
when they give tough assignments
for which they are quite predicament.
tell me something i don't know they might
with all my might i'll answer as if i'm right
they wish to torture me with workloads so that i'd master
but i'd also end up with a blister
my head boils like a boiler
that i wish malaysia has winter
but i won't fret
cuz i ain't a spoiled brat
so come on challenge me
if i did wrong you can punish me
but that could only be your wish
cuz i rarely blemish
now hear me out loud dear lecturers
although i look simple and outta place with my snickers
or my round neck tee or messy hair
i'll make you swear
"holy shit!"
when i excel so good i make the rest look like a git.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

L's Sonnet 18

i like you, like when i first saw
i want to know you more
when you are near me
my heartbeat's killing me
if only you knew
that i fall for you

there's so much to say
but if only you may
let me be your boy
and not just a toy
i'll make you happy
even when the day's crappy

maybe we're different
but we can be congruent
well, i don't have a ride
to even give you a ride
but material's immaterial
while my feelings are real

- L

Sunday, February 14, 2010

#7: la chasse

we were on the way back from Genting, after having super fun at the peak. it was already 6pm, and we were all exhausted after all the screaming and the adrenaline-pushing stuffs. and so we were in a relaxed mode; some pulled their seats lower, some just listening to their walkman, and some just.. fell asleep.

the van was heading back to shah alam slowly, strolling down the highway, taking its own sweet time. rose, evelyn, nabilla were at the far back seat. doris and imah were at the middle, while amy and i were at the front seat. well, not exactly the front seat - technically it's still a back seat.

i looked out the window..the sky was getting darker, and i thought it's gonna rain. it was raining almost all day up there, we didn't have the chance to enjoy some of the most thrilling rides. oh well. i sat back, closed my eyes, listening to the white demon love song, by the killers.

suddenly i felt the van sverved to the right, hard. everyone woke up. "apasal wey", said rose. "ni ha, kereta tu bodoh!" replied the driver. he was referring to the yellow lamborghini who sped through, and was leaving us far behind. "dammit!", he said, and he pressed the gas. we were all pushed back to our seats suddenly. "woot! woot! laju lagi! hahaha", shouted amy, who apparently didn't have enough adrenaline rush up there.

maybe i was wrong, but at this point we were so close to the lamborghini we could post a summons ticket on its rear mirror! oh whatever! when the car swerved left, the van went left. the car swerved right, the van went right. and so were we inside the van."slow down!", i yelled. "..we're close!", the driver yelled back.

the car went even faster this time. with a blink on an eye it sped and changed 2 lanes as if it was a jusco trolley. the van followed. and at this point we were all holding to the handles at the van ceiling, except for amy who held on me. and the car got past several cars, and changed 2 lanes back. and the driver, who was, i think, possessed by a poltergeist, never tired of chasing the car, turned suddenly to change lanes.

and amy lost her grip on me. while she was trying to find something to hold, she accidentally grabbed the door handle, and the door slide open.

[from amy's funny and disturbing imagination.]

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

surgeon's hands

she's the new surgical intern at the local hospital. for the next 4 years she will have to compete with other 19 interns for residency. it all began when she was 9, when she fell off her horse, and barely survived the incident, and would have died if not for the charming doctor who jumped the fence and came to her rescue. the speed of the doctor's hand, his quick thinking and ultimately his skills captured her heart, and from that very moment she always wanted to be a doctor. her eagerness and enthusiasm awed the attendings since the day she joined this programme (that was about two months ago) until...

attending #1 (the name is unnecessary, and regardless of the name the doctor is simply forgettable to nina, our intern): what have u done?
nina (flabbergasted): i don't know..really..
attending #1: tell me from the beginning!
nina: the patient is diabetic, and required insulin, which i shot at his...his um..
attending #1: his butt! say it!
nina: his butt!
attending #1: and then?
nina: and when i gave him the shot, he simply limped off and he just can't walk!
attending #1: would u care to explain why?
nina: um..because he's allergic to insulin?
attending #1: ...(made a face)
nina: oh um..i don't know.. (nervously...)
attending #1: the mystery was actually solved! u gave him the anesthetic instead of the insulin shot.
nina: haa...
attending #1: a serious thing indeed. you are suspended immediately for a week!
nina: but dr..but..
attending #1: no butts! i don't want to hear anything about butts, especially when you mishandled one. or a pair or it.
nina: i'm sorry..
attending #1: good, see you next week. now butt off.

nina headed to the canteen. on the way, she bumped into the unfortunate patient, and for the sake of this story we shall name him mr.x.

nina: hi mr.x, i'm so sorry about the thing just now..
mr.x: hah!
nina: it's a hectic day, my head is like...i was like numbed! know?
mr.x: well that certainly numbed my backside!
nina: mr.x..
mr.x: was it because i'm indian?
nina: excuse me?
mr.x: are you racist?
nina: hell no! how could i be racist? i love curry!
mr.x: see you just did? indians and curry! god!
nina: no no no i wasn't being a racist! let me explain.
mr.x: hah! get outta my way! the next thing you'll be saying is that you love papadom!
nina: well, the movie papadom's nice..
mr.x: po! ni po!
nina: okay..nice meeting you..

nina continued walking towards the canteen. when she reached there, a group of surgeons at a distant table stared at her, and shouted.. "hey butt-face!" and they laughed hysterically. she came towards the group, and said.. "hey how did you know i like bunkface? nice songs huh?" she smiled. one of the surgeons laughed. "hahaha, ko ni pekak la.". "yea. hey, ko tak makan ke nina? nak roti?" said another. "yea, okay jugak tu, thanks", she took it. the surgeon quickly said, " do you want me to butt-er it for you?" and they burst out laughing again.

and that's when she took the knife from the table and stabbed it through the surgeon's left hand.

[morale: one thing led to another. butt is, i think, paul's favourite topic. cheers! this is fiction.]

Monday, January 11, 2010

astrology eulogy

it was a rainy day. on the streets of kuala lumpur, somewhere in bukit bintang, a fine young man was walking, ever so slowly. he held his big ol' black umbrella in one hand, and his briefcase in another. it was indeed a very cold evening. so cold that even his suit couldn't protect his skinny, fragile-looking body from being tormented by the unforgivable cold rain. one step after another, he was taking his own sweet time.

it was already 7pm, and he just got back from home. if it was up to him, he would love to go back early. but it is the nature of his profession. he loves his job only because of the money. and if it was up to him, he would take a different path. but his mom..

well, certainly you can't always get what you want. i bet even god couldn't get it right. it's like '..and on the seventh day god created man, and it's been downhill ever since'.

he was tired, and so he sat down at a nice coffee shop, and ordered espresso. while waiting for his cuppa, he took out a folded newspaper from his briefcase, and flipped right to the sports section. "hahaaha", he laughed to himself, in a state of disbelief that the so-called red devils were tamed like a kitty by leeds united. shame.

a girl walked into the cafe. she took off her coat, and sat at the table at the corner. he glanced at the girl, and then returned his attention to his paper. he flipped to the astrology section. he motioned his index finger slowly to look for his star, the libra. there, it read

'..someone you meet today will change your life completely.'

"sir, your expresso..", said the waitress, who out of nowhere appeared beside him.
"oh, well...thank you".
"anything else, sir?"
"that'll be all..", he smiled, and she left.

the girl who sat at the corner table woke up and left. but her coat was still on the table. "miss!", but she was wearing earphones, and she was already out the door.

"i'll be back." he said to the waitress. he walked to the corner table, took her coat and ran out of the cafe. when he stepped out, he saw the girl turned left into the crowd. he followed. the crowd was moving against him, which made it more difficult. she was getting farther.

then he saw her turned into a back alley. he slowed down. slowly he walked towards her. realizing someone was following her, she looked back. he quickly hid himself behind a dumpster. she took out a cigarette, and lighted it.

she was standing in the middle of the alley. then he saw someone walked towards her.

"kau ada bawak barang tu?" the man asked her.
"ada". she checked her pockets. and suddenly she panicked.
"hey mana dia, jangan buang masa aku".
"tadi aku letak dalam coat aku, mesti tertinggal dekat cafe tadi!".

the man grabbed her throat. "berani kau buat lawak ye! kau jangan tipu aku! mana dia?". he unclenched his hand and pushed her to the ground. "i swear, it was with me.." she pleaded. "aku....ack..aaaahhh!", her scream echoed in the alley. the man pierced a blade through the girl's stomach. the man ran away. so was he.

he just witnessed a murder! he couldn't think properly. and he just needed to run away.

he was running near the end of the alley, towards the main road, when people nearby who heard the scream came rushing into the alley, towards him. he bumped someone, and fell down. a purse from the pocket of the coat he was holding fell out and flipped open. someone from the crowd picked it up.

"dah bunuh dia, nak lari ye!?".
"eh bukan aku, orang lain! orang lain!".
"penipu! habis kenapa barang dia ada kat kau, hah!?", and the crowd threw punches and beat him up mercilessly.