Sunday, February 14, 2010

#7: la chasse

we were on the way back from Genting, after having super fun at the peak. it was already 6pm, and we were all exhausted after all the screaming and the adrenaline-pushing stuffs. and so we were in a relaxed mode; some pulled their seats lower, some just listening to their walkman, and some just.. fell asleep.

the van was heading back to shah alam slowly, strolling down the highway, taking its own sweet time. rose, evelyn, nabilla were at the far back seat. doris and imah were at the middle, while amy and i were at the front seat. well, not exactly the front seat - technically it's still a back seat.

i looked out the window..the sky was getting darker, and i thought it's gonna rain. it was raining almost all day up there, we didn't have the chance to enjoy some of the most thrilling rides. oh well. i sat back, closed my eyes, listening to the white demon love song, by the killers.

suddenly i felt the van sverved to the right, hard. everyone woke up. "apasal wey", said rose. "ni ha, kereta tu bodoh!" replied the driver. he was referring to the yellow lamborghini who sped through, and was leaving us far behind. "dammit!", he said, and he pressed the gas. we were all pushed back to our seats suddenly. "woot! woot! laju lagi! hahaha", shouted amy, who apparently didn't have enough adrenaline rush up there.

maybe i was wrong, but at this point we were so close to the lamborghini we could post a summons ticket on its rear mirror! oh whatever! when the car swerved left, the van went left. the car swerved right, the van went right. and so were we inside the van."slow down!", i yelled. "..we're close!", the driver yelled back.

the car went even faster this time. with a blink on an eye it sped and changed 2 lanes as if it was a jusco trolley. the van followed. and at this point we were all holding to the handles at the van ceiling, except for amy who held on me. and the car got past several cars, and changed 2 lanes back. and the driver, who was, i think, possessed by a poltergeist, never tired of chasing the car, turned suddenly to change lanes.

and amy lost her grip on me. while she was trying to find something to hold, she accidentally grabbed the door handle, and the door slide open.

[from amy's funny and disturbing imagination.]