Wednesday, July 21, 2010

6th & final semester, de beginning

the sky is dark and the moods are gloomy.
would the lecturers look down on me?
when they give tough assignments
for which they are quite predicament.
tell me something i don't know they might
with all my might i'll answer as if i'm right
they wish to torture me with workloads so that i'd master
but i'd also end up with a blister
my head boils like a boiler
that i wish malaysia has winter
but i won't fret
cuz i ain't a spoiled brat
so come on challenge me
if i did wrong you can punish me
but that could only be your wish
cuz i rarely blemish
now hear me out loud dear lecturers
although i look simple and outta place with my snickers
or my round neck tee or messy hair
i'll make you swear
"holy shit!"
when i excel so good i make the rest look like a git.