Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We are foolish creatures

we are foolish creatures,
wanting forbidden and untouchable desires,
and so we stretch our hands to,
something our hearts are longing to.
And God created Love.
And men are happy ever since,
but it created awful scenes,
like Helen who launched ten thousand ships to war,
beneath albatrosses that soar,
killed many men and torn Troy,
but for a young boy,
Love is beautiful,
so pure and wonderful,
when she looks you in the eyes and say,
sweet little nothings that will melt you, but hey.
It's not always a happy ending.
sometimes the heart needs a mending,
a broken heart.
a shattered heart.
well, for me it's a short affair,
and while it's something I care,
we let go off our hands,
it drops slowly like time made of sands.
i miss her smile,
for her i'd cross Nile.
when Love is lost you are in vain,
but insyaAllah if we are destined we'd be in Love again.
and for me God created perfect Love,
although it is not eternal a Love.