Sunday, February 20, 2011

oh the humanity

it's very tiring,
to hear and see by not even trying,
they wanna differentiate us by race religion and the like,
causing unrests riots protests and the like.

but it only happens if we are treated unequally,
when our rights are dismissed so easily,
so what happens if we can never walk,
what our fathers used to talk?

if you read books from the shelf,
you'll know history repeats itself,
what happened in egypt and tunisia,
aint that reminding you of...old russia?

whatever you wanna find,
i hope you aint losing your mind,
since both sides are full of shit,
choose only the ones that can bring it.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Right To My Opinion

“If you hate this country so much, find another that would take you!” That was one of the responses I received from a middle-aged person after reading my previous article. For some reason, I was taken aback because firstly, the person obviously didn’t get what I was talking about, and secondly as a non-partisan I was judged as being unpatriotic simply because I choose to form my own opinions rather than blindingly agree to whatever poetry the media is spouting.

Such is the case that even without amending the Printing Presses and Publications Act, our opinions and views of matters are repressed by the society itself, believing that being patriotic is to trust the ruling government without question. Does it mean that if I trust the government I can’t voice out my concerns? They should be thankful that younger generations like me have at least some interest in politics, after whatever that has been going on right now.

Doesn’t it seem that you are biased and hypocrite when you agree to everything the political party of your choice does, even when you know it’s somewhat wrong? It seems to me that you have an opinion that I don’t have my own opinion. If I’m wrong, then let’s have a rational discussion, rather by labeling me as being unpatriotic. That’s the last resort for someone who has no argument.

Of course how we think depends on what we read and what we are exposed to. If you read quality, unbiased & insightful articles you’d likely to develop intellectual unbiased views, whereas if you read rubbish hear-say blogs (you know, the ones that justify their arguments by using profanities and child-like sentences) you’d most likely talk nonsense and be biased. The more you read and exposures you get, the more likely you’d form your own opinions. In turn, while you enjoy your teh tarik at a nearby mamak with your friends, you’d realize that both the government and the opposition are power-crazed people, but “you’ll have to choose the lesser evil of the two,” quoting what my friend said to me the other day.

Unlike in 1997 when we would primarily be updated with news only from newspapers and TV which are (still is) controlled by the ruling government, we now have almost unlimited access (save for some unreliable broadband services) to the internet, feeding us news from all sides, giving us the opportunity to form our own understandings based on issues and cases are presented, that will affect our voting decisions. The vast amount of information grants us powers to literally choose the next government, which are among the reasons why the Act is to be amended soon, that is to block views which are likely to cause political instability.

I’m generally okay with that. Go ahead; block those online publications that could create unrest, or the ones that considered detrimental to national development. But I must say, is it wrong to be informed, sir? I have another question - if we are controlled as to what and how to think, how would we ever be smart enough to know what is right or wrong?

“You’re too young, boy. You don’t know what you’re talking about”, said another. Sure, I may be young, but I certainly know how to make up my own mind. Count me in, add several zeros and you’ll have thousands of young informative people capable to think independently. It’s quite ironic that they say we’re immature and misguided when political parties, at the same time, are desperate to get young voters like us to register with them, knowing for sure we actually know pretty well.

What I’m trying to point out is pretty simple – while we may have different political beliefs we also need to understand that we can’t just be mindless robots. Most of the times we need to flip the coin to see the other side, that way we will be able to see the bigger picture.

Here’s a quote from Donald Trump - people who are capable of thinking for themselves will rarely be part of any herd.