Saturday, June 25, 2011

racism bring us closer.

to many people it would be difficult to laugh at a racist joke without being looked at by other people. it's know it's so funny, and you wanted to laugh. in fact you actually giggled at that joke but pretended that it's not funny because the joke itself could offend other people. okay. how about a joke about your people, then? do you laugh and accept the joke or pretend that you're now offended, putting off any future jokes about your skin color, your nose, your eyes, or hair, or the fact that "no, i don't smell like curry!" thing?

while politician make a big fuss out of our races, it's actually fun. i mean, fun looking at those morons yelling their lungs out in the Dewan, tearing their vocal chords in the process. and it's fun because, since we live in malaysia there's so much to talk about the other races. you know, the stereotypes and all that.

there's this friend of mine, he's not exactly a racist. but his jokes are full of it. and those jokes are targeted at, apparently, indians. although he himself is part indian. or maybe it's just his tendency to shake his body when he speaks. funny yet offensive to some people. for example, he'd ask you questions like these, "hey, what do you call indians standing together in a line on a wall?", so i said "i don't know", and he said "a barcode". yeah! i know right? he has all sorts of racist jokes that, even when he's asking me serious things, my responds to him would almost always, yes, racist. sometimes he could be out of line, but you can't blame him. i mean, he can't even see his waistline!

but hey, that's how we knew each other. and our circle of friends generally known as the wroughtoners. we are culturally diverse - malays, indians and chinese (duh) and portuguese, baba, robot etc, with various beliefs like islam, christianity, agnostics, freethinkers, buddhism, witches. ok, the last one's not true. so as you can see, the diverse culture and background we have should make us socially well-mannered and respectful among us? well, not really. we diss each other with racist remarks that would put russell peters to shame. but in doing so we get to bond. we know each other even better. and we still hangout whenever we get the chance.

so people have been asking me, like "dude aren't you offended?" and i'm like dude chill it's just a joke! and sometimes the jokes can be a bit painful, there's always someone to blame - the government. yes, thanks government. your subsidy and all your *cough* affirmative action *cough* undermine every success a malay like me gets on his own right. so i sometimes get the subsidy joke, like "even if you die the government will subsidise your funeral!" and i can't help but burst into laughter. it's so damn funny although it's not true. screw you stereotypes. and yes, to answer your question, no i don't get offended, simply because i can get back at them. lol. in fact, i consider myself a malaysian, not a malay.

but it doesn't mean that if we enjoy racist jokes it means we're racist. that's entirely a different thing. and we're not racist. we embrace our differences. and that's what the people up there in the dirty politic world should learn - we defy differences by being together as one.