Monday, August 8, 2011

technology ruined our lives?

Hi girls (and guys), i am on mc. So screw all of you. Lol kidding2. Bored to death, i want to share with you this.

We are slaves of technology. Yes, very true. We are too reliant on it, so much that without it, our lives are screwed. I mean us, the younger generation. Take gps for example. All we need to do is to just key in the destination, and voila, the direction is there. There's no need to rely on the stupid malaysian signboards which are, either blocked by a 100 year-old tree, or posted with ahlong's adverts. Cool. And smart way to travel indeed. But what happens when the signal is lost? Or when you forgot to bring your gps? You curse like a rabid racist, driving nervously around kl, the place you grew up in, as if you've never been in kl. Right? Right.

And smartphones too. Thanks to blackberries and iphones, all your work, data, contacts and, porn *cough* are saved in your smartphones. Right? So what happens when you are in an emergency on the road, and you need to call your close friend, but your phone is dead. What would you do? Find a nearest public phone, insert the coin, and dial the number, right? What number? Oh the one in my phone, lemme check..ah shit the phone died. (and you're screwed, again). Right? Right.

Too much reliance on technology has resulted in weaker and shorter memory spans. That's because we don't need to remember anything. Everything's on the net, on the phone. So it's no wonder that our parents have better memory. Sigh. Ok ok too much cough syrup, i need to sleep.

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